Thursday, October 2, 2014

Win 3 Little Me Footies

I may receive a small compensation in return for hosting this giveaway, but these are awesome footies anyway!

Little Me apparel lets you embrace the messiness of babyhood. Celebrate those fleeting years when your little newborns transform into toddlers with outfits that are just as good after the tenth wash as they are after the first! You don't have to compromise adorable for durable with the superior quality of each and every Little Me outfit!

Owen has 3 that are absolutely adorable and I’m sad he’s just about grown out of them now.

little me elephant footie on Owen

Win 3 Footies by Little Me! Sizes from newborn-9M

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Safer Window Coverings for Kids + Giveaway

I received free window coverings in exchange for this post, but my love for keeping kids safe is all my own!

October is Window Covering Safety Month! Did you know that’s a thing? Well, it is and it’s a very important issue to address. Because window coverings with cords are cited as one of the top 5 hidden hazards in the home, we jumped at the opportunity to work with to make our window coverings safer!

Window Covering Safety Month 

We moved into our townhouse about 6 months before we were married. We knew we would have children in this house, but didn’t think about everything that entailed house-wise. The blinds that came with the house are what stayed up until just recently. Once we had Charlie, we tried some of those cord keepers for the blinds, but they seemed to fall off and become more of a hassle, so our cords were often draped through one of the top blinds to keep it out of his reach.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our Family Day at Longwood Gardens

Yesterday we took the boys to Longwood Gardens. My mom had won tickets last year at a Christmas bazaar, but forgot to use them until this past weekend. Turns out they expired 9/30, so they went on Sunday and we went Monday. I was a little leery about taking the boys because it’s basically just looking at flowers, right?

Wrong. We arrived right around 11am and didn’t leave until almost 4! That’s a long time of looking at flowers! It has been about 8 or 9 years since I was last at Longwood Gardens and that was before I was a mommy. I didn’t realize there were so many things for the kids to enjoy there!

Daddy and Owen climbing treehouse

Friday, September 26, 2014

Easy Ham & Cheese Muffin Pan Biscuits

We’re always on the lookout for lunches that Charlie will love. I found a great deal on canned biscuits, but they had a super short expiration on them, so we whipped these up for lunch!

Easy Ham & Cheese Muffin Pan Biscuits

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Go See The Song to Renew Hope in Marriage

I received a gift for promoting the film, but opinions are my own.

Movies come out every week. However, there’s a new movie, The Song, coming out tomorrow that I’m very excited to see.

Aspiring singer-songwriter Jed King is struggling to catch a break and escape the long shadow of his famous father when he reluctantly agrees to a gig at a local vineyard harvest festival.  Jed meets the vineyard owner’s daughter, Rose, and a romance quickly blooms. Soon after their wedding, Jed writes Rose “The Song,” which becomes a breakout hit. Suddenly thrust into a life of stardom and a world of temptation, his life and marriage begin to fall apart.

Thank God The Song